Regenerative Medicine is a Game-Changer for Sports Injuries and Aging Joints

Your body’s joints are under an enormous amount of strain on a daily basis as they help you navigate your life, giving you the freedom to do, well, just about anything. And they perform their jobs admirably until a sports injury strikes or your joints begin to succumb to wear-and-tear. Whatever the case, any damage […]

What is BioTE® Hormone Therapy

It is a well known fact that men and women experience declining hormone levels as they get older. These deficient hormone levels are associated with symptoms of fatigue, irritability, loss of memory, increased weight gain, insomnia, and decreased sex drive.  There are also significant diseases associated with hormonal deficiencies, including osteoporosis.  Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. David […]

Dr. Duffner, help my back hurts!

An estimated 16 million American adults deal with debilitating chronic back pain.  If you’re one of them, you are probably desperate for a solution.  Back pain may be causing you to miss work, skip family activities, and avoid exercise.  Before Dr. Duffner can treat you successfully, he must be able to correctly diagnose your problem.  […]